2013 FE Energy

Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed it is that time of year again, everything is getting ready to switch over, and while it isn’t the end of the world… cough cough* lol, and somethings won’t change even with all your New Year’s resolutions, a few things are, and have.

Recently I have been working hard to transition FE Energy, from making only virtual content, to real world items and products for you guys to enjoy. Right now I am starting with the simpler stuff, and eventually I will be working my way to more and more complex items via production of 3D print, and cnc machines etc.

You will also notice that the website has also changed dramatically from our old flash based website, to html5. It also has a much simpler, cleaner and efficient layout.

These are just the start of some of the things to come, in the meantime check out some of the new stuff in the store, shoot me an email or message with your feed back, and have a Merry Christmas!

FE Energy, LLC on Shapeways


Cody Rauh, Founder of F.E. Energy, LLC


The World In Your Hand for a Dollar!

We have come a long way with technology, ever changing and ever growing and as a business it is our mission to keep our model and function alive and adapting with current trends and user needs.

I have thought about how we do business lately both as a customer, and as a developer, a solution provider and as a client. The dynamics are complex, yet can be so simple. Those with the best service and good brand recognition succeed.

Most of you know F.E. Energy, LLC through its start in Second Life ( created by Linden Labs ) some of you are clients, but more than likely you are one of the over 30,000+ customers and growing who use our products in virtual worlds and open sim grids a like every day!

The mission in the past year is to provide continued service to SL users through continuation of development of sculpt kits. We recently have made so many we have had to divide up our products by type and category into subsidiary brands or mini stores on market place. 

Additionally within the last year we have been producing real life products, from traditional 2D artwork, to coffee mugs, mouse pads and even Jewelry! But the largest push has been to reach and provide service for our content developers on EVERY platform at the same time. 

While logistical issues has slowed the progress of our move into Unity 3D we are almost there, products are ready but there seems to be issues with the submission process to their asset store. So therefore as soon as that has been fixed we will announce our official launch onto Unity 3D asset store.

We also have been testing multiple e-commerce solutions over the past year, packaging, customer interface etc.for you to buy directly from our website. We feel it is now ready. On our homepage you can now purchase the .OBJ files of our model kits right on the home page of the company website.

When you go to shop through our inventory you will notice something strange, but it is no mistake, EVERYTHING!!! Is only 1USD$? Why? Cause that is all we really need per item we sell. We want to provide an affordable solution to everyone, you will also notice mesh kits on SL are priced similar as well.

FE Energy will be building a large library of thousands of common game asset models over the next year for you to purchase, each of them will be soon categorized in the shop and all sold for only 1USD$ per model or kit.

It is my hope by providing something that is accessible and affordable by all our customers this will reduce piracy of our content, and allow users to get what they need without breaking their budget.

I want to thank you all for reading, stop by the shop, keep in mind more is on its way, oh and feel free to request items you want to see in the shop!


Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC

F.E. Energy in 2012

Hey Everyone, first of all happy 2012! Hopefully this year will be exciting for everyone!

It has been since November since our last update due to contract workloads, contracts and some new stuff being developed.

For 2012 we are focusing primarily on development of asset kits for the Unity 3D platform, and also real life products, as we continue our move away from purely virtual world content development kits. We will be making our kits available in mesh, there will still be limited releases of new sculpt kits and various other items from time however.

What we hope to accomplish on the Unity 3D platform. Our kits have been useful to over 30,000+ customers around the world in virtual worlds and social platforms. But we are ready to step into the arena of development kits for mobile app and online game content creators. Just as before we look to enrich and expedite the creative process for our customers on this platform, and other platforms which use industry standard models for game, entertainment, industrial and other developments.

Additionally this year will be important as we look at building merchandise for real life use and enjoyment, as well as the potential methods for developing real life building kits! We want to enable people to build things in the real world as well! Tangible, functional and fun looking items for day to day use in their lives. This is an important goal as it really begins to involve more than just the tech savvy and computer literate generation.

More posts and update to come in the next few weeks! Cheers everyone!

Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC

Real World Items from FE Energy, LLC

Hey everyone!

Wow once again a long time since the last update. However some awesome news!

#1 Sculpt Kits are back and being released again!

check our latest kit https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LIFE-SL-Anthro-Socks-Sculpty-Kit/2877773

#2 We ae making real world items! OMG! Really?! Yes really!

We have started by making by making  jewelry but plan to do all sorts of stuff! You can check them out here!



So check out everything, oh and I almost forgot support our project on kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/466131030/pixel-to-assembly






Mesh Testing Previews for your Viewing Pleasure

Enjoy and we look forward to delivering new products to you soon as mesh is full grid!


Ooops, things broke!

So by now most of you have noticed some serious issues.

#1 – I have removed my store on IW due to my store vendors etc breaking. This store will return when mesh launches.

#2 – No reply to IM’s, yep I know.. and that is why I ask for notecards! During my last reinstall of SL it turned off my offline IM’s to emails.

So at least 2 weeks of IM’s hasn’t been going to my emails correctly. However this is fixed, and you can expect some crazy things to come sometime in July ( if mesh is public grid by then. )




You & Mesh Doom

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably have heard of this new scary things called mesh. In your mind you are probably screaming “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”, and if I were tell you not to worry you would probably think I was wearing a lead hat.  However I invite you to take a look at this article and find out why mesh may be about as potent as Y2K in ending your world.

Understanding your Undertaker

The best weapon in your life long struggle for digital immortality is knowledge, the more you know obviously the better you will do, and mesh is no different. Though I won’t cover em all, I want to help you understand what mesh is.

1. Mesh like all things 3D and well formed, is formed of polygons, triangles and vertices. or shapes, 3 sided surfaces and points which play connect the dots.

2. Prims and Sculpts are… all meshes! Thats right, and they are well wasteful. Why? cause with prims and sculpts your computer is rendering, hundreds to thousands of verts and triangles you can’t even see! No matter how complex or simple your sculpt is, it still cost the same number of triangles and verts for its shape. Ah and btw you can make a cube with 12 triangles, versus the 122 triangle sl prim cube.

3. Triangles and polygons are found in the industry standards, online games, phone apps, and even your favorite console game, and even some of those great and not so great movies you have seen in the past few years.

4. Mesh’s can be assigned multiple materials, like multiple faces on a prim. Making them easy to texture with use of well made templates, which can be customized to be much easier to use than any skin or clothing template by far!

What does all this mean!?

It means, you are first and foremost now venturing into skills like Photoshop which are marketable outside of SL. It also means if you take the time to learn how to develop correctly, you will have higher fps around optimized builds as there will be less wasted data to render!

The Great Transition

The economy may be in a slump, but you don’t have to be, well at least when we talk about mesh. Mesh will not be an overnight killer plague which eliminates 90% of the population and leaves you in a underground lab searching for a cure. I believe, and I always could be wrong, based off sculpties, that you have about 3 – 6 months to even a year or longer for your sculpty products to still be viable depending on your product type.

If you make sculpt kits, jump on mesh kits and start making them now! If you are a finished product designer like, hair, clothing weapons etc… be prepared to make a slow transition to new mesh products while phasing out production of sculpted work. If you are a building designer, mesh will be important but so will the increase of prim size to 60x60x60 dimensions!

What if I Want to Still Create in SL!

This is fine, and you are going to find that mesh, when done right will work a lot like sculpting, and yeah while you will want to swap out your old sculpty arsenal over time to new mesh parts, models and resources, if you pace yourself you should be able to keep up with trends without seeing a devastating impact to your wallet.

Additionally mesh will give greater control over LOD (Loss of Detail) lvls which means when done right will have less popping and distortion at distance.

Plus, prims and sculpts will still have their uses, as mesh will not be appropriate for use depending on the ending numbers LL gives us at the end of testing right before release on public grid.

What 3D program to use!?

3D programs are a lot like skillets in a kitchen, well for me anyways as I never was a great cook. There are all different types of 3D programs with different strengths and weaknesses, the best thing you can do is.. try them all! Trial versions are free, and so is some software like blender, have been improved upon with 2.5x and now have established terrific communities for support, resources and info on how to. So like skillets it is all a matter of personal preference and I personally use Blender :).

Is that All!?

Well yeah sorta, I believe in terms of upgrades and catching SL up to current times graphically by several years, the fallout will not be as dramatic or epic as the upcoming enhancements in graphics, performance and cool new creations, or revamped oldies onto the grid.

If you still have questions, submit them to me @ fe.energy@hotmail.com and I will do a follow post on this topic!

Best of luck, Cody Rauh ( aka Failed Inventor, inworld )