[OMFG] Classic & [OMFG] Prim Kits

Over the past several years as a content creator I used to have a lot of individual request for ” Can I buy this full perm”, it used to be a stern and uninviting no. Being in a virtual world has taught me to never say never, and if you aren’t sure, then it is best to say “Sorry, not at this time.” Ninety percent of the content I now produce is in build kits, sculpt kits, or 3D stock assets meant for the use of assisting creators with their own creations.

With this said I am proud to announce the new expansion of the [OMFG] product line, ” [OMFG] Prim Kits”. I feel this is going to be a great release especially for those that have been a fan of the brand over the past few years. Enabling fans and content creators to build, modify and distribute the [OMFG] legacy in their own vision and style.

I look forward to seeing what creations come from the prim kits.

Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC