F.E. Build Kits Invade Insilico

I am proud to announce today the F.E. Build Kit brand expands to open an exclusive small satallite shop with the newest and latest products  from F.E. Build Kits. The Insilico region is one of the best designed future/cyber punk type sims existing on the SL platforms. With eyes always on the future for technology and innovation the theme and setting of sim felt like the perfect atmosphere for showcasing the brand latest products!

Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC


Revised EULA & New S Class License.

With all the change lately, I felt it was time to really dig in again and revamp the old product EULA. Visitors in world and online no longer need to download the official F.E. Energy EULA, but can instead view it online Official F.E. Energy Eula Page ! You will find most everything about the end user license agreement, is straight forward, simple, and easy to understand. I believe one of the best things a business can do for its customers is make things friendly, and the EULA is no different.

Permissions are listed in an easy to see graph, with additional information provided below, and the brands which feature this type of license for some or all of the products it carries. It is my hope that this upgrade to the website will help clarify any previous confusions about exactly what and what is not covered under which license. Once mesh product hit Second life(tm) this will become even more clear as the company will move towards a full mesh armada of kits for all of the grids.

I would also like to mention along with this revamp, the store has been upgraded with an improved look and feel, media section also underwent a face lift and some sections are still in limbo for improvements. I would like to encourage developers and customers to use the resources that are now available for self promotion on flickr(tm) through the companies flickr group which can be access and joined @ F.E. Energy Official Flickr also be on the look out for an official fan play list on our youtube channel in the near future!

Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy