From Tears to Tiers!

Hey everyone!

Based on customer feedback and sales over the past few weeks since soft launch of some mesh products, some changes are coming which you should enjoy! Recognizing not every user has the same skill level or time for creating content three separate tier systems have been created to better fit our products to customers.

Tier 1:  [ Silver ] Beginner – This tier includes ambient maps, seam markers, and uploaded SL model ready for texturing. Requires LEAST work to finish! 1000 – 2000L$ / 4 – 8USD$

Tier 2: [ Gold ] Intermediate – Has silver’s features, but allows multi platform use! Includes all production files! Price Range:  3000L$ – 4000L$ / 12 – 24USD$

Tier 3:  [ Bronze ] Expert – This tier includes raw model .obj file only! Requires MOST work to finish!  Price range: 175L$ / 1USD$

Tier 0: [ Titanium ] Advanced – Has gold’s features, but includes tutorials, and additional walk through for modification and enhancement. 7000L$ / 12000L$ 40 – 50USD$

I will be teaming up with a texture artist who does some pretty great work who will be making the seam markings, as i feel a texture specialist will better provide marked seams so maps come out in a way that is easy to texture and use for content creators. Additionally Tier 0 items will tie in with some of the tutorials and lessons I would like to produce for those just getting into the basics of using 3D editors.

Thats all for now, cheers!

Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC


About Perefim
CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

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