Mesh / New products & Q 3 & Q4 Road Map

Wow…. has it really been that long!? It has!

Most of you are probably wondering if I fell off the face of the earth? Well, sorta kinda… happens when you are doing contract work. Recently I have been working closely with some talented people on projects not related to F.E. Energy. Additionally I have been working with an mmo company based out of Ireland who is close to doing an alpha release!

However it isn’t all… as you may have heard Second Life owned by Linden Labs will be launching mesh to the public grid in full by August. Why is this important? Several reasons…

1. F.E. Energy will no longer have to develop items for grids in multiple formats, which means.. a huge reduction of production time, and more releases both on SL and our online store, and other platforms we will be supporting.

2. Higher grade quality to SL based grids which support mesh.

3. Broader expansion into many online stores and market places for F.E. Energy as we continue to grow and solidify with a huge store name and customer base.

I know the past few months have been slow on item releases, and the aggressive pursuit of making mesh/polygon/nurb models has been the reason why. We are moving towards a universal and well planned set of products designed to efficiently give our customers the upper hand in their projects and business. Our new mesh product line will hit Second Life the day full pubic grid mesh goes live.

Additionally you may see our models coming out in upcoming internet games, such as Abydos Online, and up and coming mmo.

Due to these changes the Geared Pendants will not be released until mesh is implemented onto SL. Also [OMFG] 1L$ items have been discontinued for a Mesh rebuild and upgrade as the legendary line of steam punk products is revived and repolished for you steam punk fanatics!

There will be very few new items released until August as we focus on a strong opening line of truly multi-platform products, please note that since these are the same products the online store products will also be released parallel to their SL release dates. However screenshots, development progress and other info will be post on the blog, website and our facebook.

Also all item releases on renderosity, unity 3D, and other market places will all be delayed until the parallel SL release dates.

I appreciated everyones patience, and would like to thank you all for your support through the years. I look forward to bringing breath taking new content to you.


About Perefim
CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

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