Official Launch of F.E. Energy Online

Today marks the success of a year long endeavor to branch out beyond the original platform we provided content on.

I am proud to announce the official launch of our IDA ( International Digital Asset ) line, and its online store.

With a total of 5 starting items, just as [OMFG] in 2007 started out, I am happy to see this goal come to realization.¬†Customers will now be able to use our products to further their development of their games, simulators and other 3d platforms and/or applications which rely on 3d content. Thus this will allow for companies to reduce cost for common prop items, which don’t necessarily need to be built from scratch. However the raw models provides will be editable and require custom textures allowing for customers to modify the objects to give them a unique look and feel to prevent customers from feeling as if their products will look just like their competitors.

Our models will be compatible with ogre, unity, unreal, cry engine 3 and many more. You will likely also start seeing our products in 3rd party all across the web later in Q2 or Q3 of 2011, such as Unity 3D Asset Store, Renderosity, Turbosquid etc. Launches on these sites are however slower as details are still being ironed out in regards to our products and terms of sales on each respective online market place. Additionally due to commissions of these sites, customers will always be able to purchase from us directly for a much more competitive and cost effective price.

I look forward to a bright 2011 with all of you!!__store


About Perefim
CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

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