Change is good… or at least it can be.

With it being 2011 there is always the annual hardware upgrades to preform. Some of that also involves software renewals and updates, new version and all the fun stuff as well. On Friday my hard drive took an unexpected jump off the nearest cliff, luckily I have been backing up everything regularly so I lost at most a couple of hours of work.

unfortunately what it didn’t save with the pack ups is my custom user preference settings, which I am still adjusting. On top of this I decided to make a switch to blender 2.5 from 2.49. With the help of Chad Allen from Firechild Tutorials on Youtube was able to help me locate some of my favorite tools in the what was at first frustrating and overwhelming new user interface, which I am now speedily acclimating to quite well.

If you plan to switch from 2.4x to 2.5x any time soon I suggest you check out his youtube channel, or give him an IM he is a pretty helpful guy.  His channel includes some of the nicer blender tutorials I have seen on youtube. Those can be seen here .

With the new changes you will be seeing some changes to upcoming releases as well, and these will be good, as they also are vast improvements in capability and as much as I hate to admit it the switch caused me to stumble onto a few things I hadn’t known before!

Additionally I have also been looking for brushes to replace the old and out dated ones I had before. While I am buying most, some artist are letting me use their brushes for free such as . So this will be a huge boost to my arsenal of Photoshop brushes for when I release the prefabs on my online store!

You guys should be seeing new item releases within a couple of days, for SL stuff, and you can check my DeviantArt page @ to see little nibbles and sneak previews as I post screenshots of my progress for the online store items!





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