F.E. Energy Online Store… Online!

So as usual crazy things, all the time!

A while back I mentioned making products compatible with Unity 3D and industry standard platforms. It has been a huge focus, and probably explains the slower release rate on our SL based grids of products as of lately.

There is still quiet a bit of tweaking to do to the store, but it is integrated with the website just as planned. Since I am not a html guru you may see a couple of misaligned edges, out of place borders and etc as I work to get the stores look polished. However for the most part it is up and it is running! This means those long promised products I have spoken about for ages are going to be coming out, slowly but surely starting sometime in April.

Also for those of you who are Minecraft fans which are also customers you can get yourself the “Perefim MC Skin” for free! I figured this would be a fun way to celebrate the getting the store online and integrated into the website. Also, Creator, Failed Inventor, and Banned Magic Minecraft skins will also be coming soon as well!

Ah btw to get the skin just purchase it under the freebie section for 0.00USD$!

I hope you guys enjoy the store and be sure to pass any feedback my way!


– Cody aka ( Failed Inventor / Perefim Cao )


About Perefim
CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

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