Changes to F.E. Energy Service in SL

Hey everyone!

During February there was a large focus on getting the software/hardware updates applied for 2011. We also started getting ready for the release of products on the Unity 3D platform! Yes I know, we keep waiting and waiting.. but I promise it is coming, and this year… probably sooner than you expect it :).

After reviewing sales figures on each grid, and looking over various other factors etc. even with a huge in world location, 99% of our sales were via SL market place. We attribute this to the fact our customers are generally content creators themselves, eager to get working on projects, and wanting to find stuff fast without load screens, lag and other time consuming road bumps.

As of today we migrated the location of the market place servers to a smaller parcel. This will mean that less time is used to maintain and upkeep the shop and more time will be funneled into the production of new products. We will however leave official in world locations in AVN and IW as they have no solid market place system available yet which is widely used by creators like the market place. So in world visitation is one of the few options our customers have on these grids.

Customer support tickets, help, and other matters should actually be expedited by this change, even though SL Marketplace is notorious for its hickups, most of our customers still use it.


More updates coming soon!



About Perefim
CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

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