January F.E. Energy Transparency Report

Dear F.E. Energy Customers,

As part as a continuing effort to keep our customers informed of upcoming changes to our products, policy and plans for future developments I am happy to post to you some new developments along with some information about the company’s growth in 2011.

First I will start with the bad news, we are dropping the Siren Co. fashion line. The developer who was responsible for ensuring it was maintained was unable to complete products in a timely fashion due to personal circumstances. So you will not be seeing any full finished clothing or products from our company.

Now to the rest of the news, January was a terrific month with substantial growth and expansion. We have seen rising numbers in sales, and an infusion of new income from Avination & InWorldz. Within the past week F.E. Energy has opened 12 new shop shop locations thanks to our new 10% commission sales program. With this program commercial and mall property owners which provide space for our outlets are given 10% of the sales at their location. We feel this is a great way to pay those who are actively promoting and keeping their location maintained.

As part of the expansion we will soon be working closely InWorldz and Avination grid founders to hear their needs in order to help promote their grid. I feel it is important that we support alternative grid options and their growth. In this effort it is my hope that new solutions for content creators which go above and beyond what they can find in Second Life(tm).

On top of providing assistance to grid alternatives and supporting our customers on these grids we also are working to bolster security on our products. In a previous post I mentioned the “Light House” security chip which will soon come with every product. This chip will act not only as a proof of purchase but also help us detect copy botted materials on the grid, through an integrated and multi layered security system.

I believe protecting the value of our content kits also protects the value of our customers products and is of the utmost importance. So in a closing note for this report I would like to thank all of you for the outstanding support, being terrific customers and clients and all your help in making this company and its brands explode to a new level of success so early on in the year.

Also don’t forget our update comments are open and we welcome feed back from our customers either via support ticket or here publicly!


Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC


About Perefim
CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

2 Responses to January F.E. Energy Transparency Report

  1. Jonathan Bienworth says:

    A 10% commission is low compared to the commission other SL businesses offer their affiliates. For example, The Golden Oriole (business name) has a 20% commission, and Steam Powered Nuts gives affiliates 25%. See:



  2. f3energy says:

    Thank you for the feed back Jonathan. I agree compared to commission vendors our rate is only around 1/2 of what other competitor commission rates for their “commission vendors may be.

    However there is a difference between the product they offer and the service offered by F.E. Energy locations in rental or commercial hubs.

    1. F.E. Energy locations are visible shops, custom built and set up by our company, rather than self service set up. This allows us to give eye pleasing shop locations for mall and hub owners vs. putting out a simple vendor at any given location.

    2. F.E. Location owners are given not only the x% discount for products in their area, but are also invited into the outlet manager group. Here we meet with mall and hub owners monthly to get feedback on changes which can be made to improve our setup to better fit the managers needs. This in turn helps elevate sales by giving personal attention to our mall and hub owners.

    3. F.E. Energy features and promotes our mall and hub owners. Not only are you receiving a commission pay for free, but you are also being provided a service which helps cross advertise your location to our customers, which helps promote your business, a service not offered by affiliate package reseller vendors.

    It is my hope that these additional services and personal attention are worth the 10 – 15% less in commission per sale, since a more well maintained and closely monitored location is more likely to produce more income for the participant through higher sales volume.

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