Year of the Rabbit!

According to the Chinese calendar 2011 is the year of the rabbit, and we can only hope that 2011 is lucky for everyone!

As the first F.E. News update for the year I would like to start by announcing our latest side project the 2011 Charity Bunny. Most customers will remember the Stuffed Bear creation kit, a.k.a slex broken box released last year which was widely popular among content creators, and hobbyist alike.

This year it has been decided to release a new stuffed animal creation kit, with a new and terrific purpose! We hope that customers will use the 2011 Charity Bunny to create a rabbit, and if sold to donate part of their profit to support a charity organization of their choice.

If you would like to participate in this event please visit here and pick up your free rabbit today

Part of the new year means new and great changes, with 2011 now underway our new main store location has been opened on the SL platform. This expansion will allow room for new products, and gifts we will be creating this year for our customers. You can visit the new mainstore by using  this link.

Finally I would like to give an update on the progress of our expansion beyond the SL platform. Plans have been set in motion to start expansion into avination & inworldz grids by summer! We will also be opening an official store front in Unity 3D. If you have special interest in products in these platforms or grids and or would like to suggest another potential grid please send an email to

Happy New years!

Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC


About Perefim
CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

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