Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, or turkey day, whichever you would prefer to call it. With Christmas around the corner, and 2011 just around the bend I would like to take the time to give a heads up on upcoming plans for the company, its brands and some things to expect.

Thankfully unlike a lot of businesses atm there isn’t a lot of flux to how things are being done, things are solid, expanding and working well and fluid. I am extremely pleased with the customer feed back, results and what I feel to be quality products being produced for SL content creators. As announced previously, Focus will be shifted to offer platform support for more than just Second Life ™ or Open Sim grids, with the coming of mesh. I feel this is important as content developers themselves over the years have grown to mature and evolve outside of their starting platforms. It is vital as a content kit development company, that you all have the necessary permissions to export your work to other grids. With this said I would like to remind all you about the special “S Class” licenses offered for SL based products.

New brands coming to F.E. Energy, each label has catered to a specific and important theme or type of content. In order to encompass more content variety, more brands will begin to be infused into the company. Most of you have already noticed place markers and store space provided for each brand. With the great success of the current brands I believe it is time to start introducing the next line of products for the F.E. Energy family, Rx Mesh.

Rx Mesh will be specializing in medical, industrial, military and training kits which will be specifically made for use in training simulations, military/medical and construction role play, and various other cases in which you would find 3d art assets of this nature. This new line of items will be launching before January 1st. of 2011.


Outside of the Brand

I have been working on many projects this year, most of you are probably familiar with the F.E. Energy Project, as it is what the company was built around, it is an initiative in which I believe is worth pursuing. It will continue to advance and be developed as funding permits.

Another project is a organization currently under development which ties in strongly to the ideals and goals of my company and myself. While I won’t reveal any major details at this time, I look forward to sharing this with all of you sometime in 2011. I really feel that this upcoming year is going to offer a lot  of opportunity in the department of change for the better, and efforts towards building a better world.

I wish you all an early Merry Christmas and a Happy new 2011,

Kind Regards,

Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC




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CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

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