F.E. Re-Acquisition of [OMFG]

While many may not know by now I have had more than one account for some time. It has never been a big secret yet I never advertised it much either. For those of you wondering which accounts I have they are as follows.

Perefim Cao, Viral Ghost, Failed Inventor, Banned Magic, and Lonely Hermit

Each account is used and maintained to help with management of various projects, such as contracts with universities, clients and of course customer service for each specific brand I own. In 2009 I sold one of my SL store’s rights to its items etc and decided to start again with something new. However with Mesh imports on its way some time in 2011 I have decided to buy back the rights to [OMFG]. The 1L$ items are now available again at the in world store and you can visit by clicking here.

I have decided that I will be remaking, updating and improving the [OMFG] Classic’s line. I am unsure if I will be doing all 300, however I plan to do at least the top 50 most popular for their time. I hope everyone will enjoy remake of this legendary SL brand.

Cody Rauh, CEO of F.E. Energy, LLC


About Perefim
CEO of F.E. Energy LLC, and author of the blog Date 2 Fail.

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